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Terms and Conditions

ToyTime online library services to you are subject to the following terms and conditions. If you visit or rent from our site , you accept the following conditions.
  • Toys has to be booked by the cut-off time. Cut-Off time is 24 hours before your delivery date. Eg: If your delivery date is Thursday 02/02/2017 then, reservations till 31/01/2017 night 11.59 PM will be considered for delivery. Reservations after cut-off time will not be delivered.
  • If reservation request is not made, ToyTime will not do any delivery and we will consider it as extension of previously delivered toys.
  • Please select toys appropriately, for all-round development of your child. Children like to play with all kinds of toys, be willing to experiment and get them play with a variety of toys instead of selecting a similar kind of toy all the time.
  • Please return 'On Demand' toys in the expected time frame so that each child gets to enjoy the toys in a fair manner. Don't keep 'On Demand' toys and other high value toys till you find another replacement of a similar kind.
  • Keep the toys and all the items you are exchanging packed with all its pieces together for exchange.
  • Payment is preferred by cheque/cash or NEFT transfer.
  • Payment should be done within 1 week of your due date, else Fine will be charged for late payments.
  • A month is considered as four weeks.
  • In case a toy stops working after few usages, please replace the battery so that kids can continue enjoying the toy. Before delivery we do check for batteries and ensure that toy is in a working condition, but we cannot measure the charge remaining. Hence we request your co-operation.
  • At the time of delivery we let the customer know about the number of pieces delivered along with the toy in case of multi part toys or puzzles. However, in case you find any pieces missing, please inform within 24 hours of delivery. Members will be liable to pay fine if pieces found missing after return.
  • We expect members to return toys in a clean state. Please clean the toy before returning, if it has some food, oil or mud stains. However all returned toys go through our sanitization process before being rented again.
  • In case of any damages to the toys/books or some parts missing for the toys or puzzles, appropriate fine will have to be paid by the members. If the damage can be repaired or replaced, the member will be charged as per actuals. If the toy, books, CD’s or puzzles cannot be circulated any further due to the damage or missing item, the member will have to pay price of the toy. The item will be handed over to the member.
  • Members need to return missing pieces at the earliest for the toy to be circulated to other members. As we can not circulate toys/puzzles with missing pieces, we request members to avoid returning us toys with missing pieces and return the complete set the following week by which they can search for the missing pieces. Your current order for the week will not be delivered to you in such case.
  • We are open to carrying forward your membership for the duration that you are unavailable to use our services.
  • The duration needs to be minimum of a month. Please inform us at least a week before the break. We will pick up all the toys, from the start of break period.
  • You will have to return the pending toys before the break period. You will not be entitled to rent any items during this time.
  • Please inform us when you are back and we will renew our relationship.